GET /v0/passes

This endpoint fetches a list of all passes associated with your project. Each pass represents an Apple or Google pass that has been generated for a specific wallet, NFT, or policy.

To tailor the response to your specific needs, you have the flexibility to filter the passes based on multiple parameters including scanning times, creation times, expiration status, chain type, network, owner`s wallet address, contract address, and token ID.

The endpoint also allows for sorting the results based on a specific field such as id, ownerAddress, createdAt, lastScannedAt, or expiredAt. The order of the results can be set to ascending or descending using the asc query parameter.

You can also manage the number of results returned with the limit parameter and skip certain results using the offset parameter. By default, the response will include a maximum of 50 passes.

Each retrieved pass will contain comprehensive details including the ID, blockchain network, owner address, token ID, contract address, creation time, last scanned time, and expiration status.

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