GET /v0/passes/{id}/distribute

This endpoint facilitates the redistribution of a pass, meaning it allows for the retrieval of a specific Apple Wallet or Google Wallet pass URL. Users can access this URL to download their respective passes.

The mandatory parameter is the pass ID or the user-provided externalId. It uniquely identifies the specific pass you want to redistribute.

Upon success, the response will include the file URL from where the user can download their pass. For Apple passes, an additional file buffer will be returned.

Redistributing a pass is particularly useful in cases where a pass needs to be reissued, if there is an update in the pass details, or if the user misplaced the initial pass. This helps maintain access to the services associated with the pass without any disruptions.

Note: Distribution links are designed to expire automatically 48 hours after they are first accessed as a security measure. Additionally, any pre-existing distribution links will automatically expire upon the creation of a new link for the same pass.

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