What login options are provided?

You can enable any of the following options:

  • Email
  • Google account
  • Apple account

Will a MoonPay account be created when a user completes the Authenticate flow?

Yes, the user will have a MoonPay account created for them which can be used within your product as well as any other products integrating MoonPay.

Can users bring their existing Web3 wallet?

Yes, users can attach their existing wallet to their MoonPay account. You can enable this feature via the linkVerifiedWallet config parameter.

Can I generate wallets for my users?

Yes, you can create Ethereum (and other EVM networks) and Bitcoin wallets for your users via the Authenticate SDK.

What can I customize in the UI?

You can create a custom theme for the Authenticate UI which will impact the color scheme.

You can also display the UI either as a modal or embedded.