Integration First Steps

Where can we integrate your solution (website, marketplace, in-game)?

You will be able to integrate it wherever you’d like. We surface an SDK and you can choose to pass a variety of query parameters to the Widget that is being spun up. You can pass token you want users to buy, destination wallet address and lots more. You can see all the parameters here.

What does the customer journey look like?

It depends a bit on what query parameters you use. Mostly if you pass a wallet address or not. If you intend to pass a wallet address have a look at the onramping experience in Phantom, TrustWallet or MetaMask. If not, then check this out.

Does the end-user need to provide a wallet or are you providing (non)custodial wallets on checkout?

Both are possible. You can pass one, we can allow the user to create one (BTC and ETH) or you can allow users to input their own wallet address.

Any recommended best practices for the integration?

Yes, you can find our recommended best practices documented here.


How do you handle Chargebacks?

At MoonPay, we treat chargebacks seriously and have processes in place to prevent and handle chargebacks. For more information reach out to your MoonPay account representative.

What payment methods are available by country?

Payment Methods offered will vary based on the users location. Reach out to your MoonPay account representative for additional details.

How do I get paid?

Details can be found on our MoonPay documentation here.

What are my purchase limits?

Purchase limits will vary by region, currency and level of Know Your Customer KYC documents provided. Additional details can be found on our customer support page here.

What cryptocurrencies does MoonPay support?

There are more limitations for US users than non-US users. A complete list can be found here.

Do you support Bitcoin Segwit, Taproot and legacy BTC addresses?

Yes, we support Taproot, Segwit, and legacy addresses. A user can send to a BTC wallet address as long as it's a match for regex we use to validate: ^[13][a-km-zA-HJ-NP-Z1-9]{25,34}$|^(bc1)[0-9A-Za-z]{39,59}$

Please be aware that MoonPay's Wallet does not support Taproot, and it is advised not to use it for Ordinals to avoid potential loss. This caution specifically applies to MoonPay wallets.

Is there a way to customize the automated emails users receive?

We can add a partner logo in the automated email and change the partner name (Partner_Name via MoonPay) in the email subject upon request. Please reach out to your MoonPay representative.


Are there any integration fees to partner with MoonPay?

There are no fees for integrating with MoonPay. However, partners have the option to include an affiliate fee for each transaction if they wish.

Are there any trading fees, Payment Service Provider (PSP) fees etc for our clients?

MoonPay doesn’t charge distinct trading or psp fees. Instead, a variable fee is applied for every transaction.

Any other fees that we need to know?

Based on the specific blockchain, a network or gas fee might be applicable, which varies with network traffic.

Network Infrastructure

What are your MoonPay IPs?




  • 2600:1900:4010:bd99::/64
  • 2600:1900:4000:10fb:0:0:0:0/64

What are your API Rate limits?

100 requests per second on

  • GET v3/currency/:code/price
  • GET v3/currency/:code/ask_price
  • GET v3/currency/:code/bid_price
  • GET v3/currency/price
  • GET v3/currency/ask_price
  • GET v3/currency/bid_price
  • GET v3/currency/:code/quote
  • GET v3/currency/:code/buy_quote
  • GET v3/currency/:code/sell_quote
  • GET v3/currency/:code/buy_quotes
  • GET v4/ip_address

30 requests per second on all other endpoints. Reach out to your MoonPay representative if you require higher limits.

Supported Countries by Product

Buy is available for all residents except those in the following countries and US states. Louisiana and US Virgin Islands is not supported.

Sell is unavailable for residents in the following countries and US states. Louisiana, Texas, New York and US Virgin Islands is not supported.

Supported Cryptocurrencies by Region

List of all MoonPay supported assets for BUY/On-Ramp.

List of all MoonPay supported assets for SELL/Off-Ramp.

Supported Payment Methods by Region

List of MoonPay supported payment methods for US and NON-US regions.

I'm having trouble adding my credit/debit card to my account?

Double check you are not in our sandbox environment. Genuine cards should never be added to sandbox accounts. You can find test cards here.

Has your card already been added to another account? There is a limit of one card per account. Either use the other account or try using another card.

Widget is returning an error. How do I escalate this?

Please include a screenshot + recording available when reaching out to your MoonPay representative.