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Properties for widget SDK events

Ramps events documentation


Type Aliases


Ƭ CryptoCurrency: Object

Represents a Crypto currency such as ETH

Type declaration

chainIdstring | nullThe chain's Chain ID
codestringThe code of the currency such as "eth"
coinTypestring | nullThe coin type as defined in SLIP-0044
contractAddressstring | nullThe address location of the token contract on the blockchain
idstringThe identifier of the crypto currency
namestringThe human readable name of the currency such as "Ethereum"
networkCodestring | nullThe currency's network such as "bitcoin" or "ethereum"


Ƭ FiatCurrency: Object

Represents a Fiat currency such as USD

Type declaration

codestringThe code of the currency such as "usd"
idstringThe identifier of the fiat currency
namestringThe human readable name of the currency such as "US Dollar"


Ƭ OnAuthTokenProps: Object

Type declaration

csrfTokenstringThe customer's CSRF token. Only provided to authorized integrations.
tokenstringThe customer's authentication token. Only provided to authorized integrations.


Ƭ OnInitiateDepositProps: Object

Type declaration

cryptoCurrencyCryptoCurrencyThe crypto currency that is being off-ramped
cryptoCurrencyAmountstringCrypto amount in its base unit (0.123 ETH === "0.123")
cryptoCurrencyAmountSmallestDenominationstringCrypto amount in its smallest unit (1 ETH === 1x10^18)
depositWalletAddressstringThe wallet address where the crypto amount needs to be deposited
fiatCurrencyFiatCurrencyThe fiat currency that the customer will receive
fiatCurrencyAmountstring | nullFiat amount in its base unit ($1.23 === "1.23"). Only set for fixed quotes.
transactionIdstringThe identifier of the transaction


Ƭ OnInitiateDepositReplyProps: Object

Type declaration

depositIdstringThe partner's identifier for a successful deposit. Can be any string, eg the transaction hash.


Ƭ OnLoginProps: Object

Type declaration

isRefreshbooleanIf true, the customer didn't actually log in but rather their authentication was refreshed.


Ƭ OnTransactionCompletedProps: Object

Type declaration

areFeesIncludedbooleanWhether the base currency amount includes fees
baseCurrencyFiatCurrencyThe base (fiat) currency
baseCurrencyAmountnumberThe spent fiat amount
createdAtstringWhen the transaction was created
extraFeeAmountnumberThe partner's fee amount, in the fiat currency
feeAmountnumberThe MoonPay fee amount, in the fiat currency
idstringThe identifier of the transaction
networkFeeAmountnumberThe network fees incurred in this transaction, in the fiat currency
quoteCurrencyCryptoCurrencyThe quote (crypto) currency
quoteCurrencyAmountnumberThe expected or received quote amount
statusTransactionStatusThe current status of the transaction
walletAddressstringThe customer's destination wallet address
walletAddressTagstring | nullThe customer's destination wallet address tag


Ƭ TransactionStatus: "completed" | "failed" | "pending" | "waitingAuthorization" | "waitingPayment"