GET: Interaction Status

When a request to update a contract, token or add a new token is received, it is queued in the system to be broadcast to the network.

This endpoint returns the status and accompanying information about a contract interaction.

Gets On-Chain Interaction Status



HM_ACCESS_KEYHyperMint Access Key
HM_ACCESS_KEY_SECRETHyperMint Access Key Secret


🟒 200: OKResponds with interaction status
🟠 404: Not FoundUnable to find details for the give contract ID
interface InteractionStatusResponse {
    id: string;
    createdAt: string;
    updatedAt: string;
    type: NFTContractInteractionType;
    status: NetworkInteractionStatus;
    statusReason?: string;
    transactionHash?: string;
    feeAmount: number;
    feePrice: number;
    feeTotal: number;
    feeUSDCost: number;
    sentAt?: Date;
    nonce: number;
    gasEstimation: number;
    params: any[];
    update: NFTContractUpdate;

enum NFTContractInteractionType {
    SetNameAndSymbol = 'Set name and symbol',
    SetAllowBuy = 'Set allow buy',
    SetMetadataURL = 'Set metadata URL',
    SetDates = 'Set dates',
    SetERC721TokenPriceAndTotalSupply = 'Set ERC721 token price and total supply',
    SetERC1155TokenPriceAndTotalSupply = 'Set ERC1155 token price and total supply',
    AddERC1155Tokens = 'Add ERC1155 tokens'

enum NetworkInteractionStatus {
    Pending = 'Pending',
    Sent = 'Sent',
    Complete = 'Complete',
    Failed = 'Failed'

interface NFTContractUpdate {
    name?: string;
    symbol?: string;
    allowBuyOnNetwork?: boolean;
    metadataUrl?: string;
    presaleAt?: Date;
    publicSaleAt?: Date;
    saleClosesAt?: Date;
    erc1155?: {
        priceAndTotalSupplyUpdate?: {
            id: number;
            price: number;
            totalSupply: number;
        newTokens?: {
            id: number;
            price: number;
            totalSupply: number;
    erc721?: {
        priceAndTotalSupplyUpdate?: {
            price: number;
            totalSupply: number;


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