PATCH: Update Contract (ERC-721a)

Sets the erc721Price and erc721MaxPerTransaction fields on a contract record. erc721TotalSupply is used to alter the total supply of tokens for the contract. erc721TotalSupply must be more than the total number of minted tokens for a deployed contract.


Changes to deployed contracts will be broadcasted immediately

Update Contract Name and Symbol



HM_ACCESS_KEYHyperMint Access Key
HM_ACCESS_KEY_SECRETHyperMint Access Key Secret


namestringYName of the contract
symbolstringYSymbol of the contract
networkCreateUpdateNFTDraftContractNetworkInput ObjectNSee interface for CreateUpdateNFTDraftContractNetworkInput object
secondarySaleBasisPointsNumberNSecondary royalty percentage
erc721TotalSupplyNumberNTotal supply of the ERC-721 tokens available
erc721MaxPerTransactionNumberNMaximum number a wallet can buy in a single transaction
erc721PriceNumberNPrice of the token


🟒 200: OKIf contract is deployed the endpoint returns with a list of interaction Ids
🟠 404: Not FoundContract does not exist or you don't have permission
🟠 400: Bad RequestThe request sent was malformed or did not pass as a valid contract update request. The error message will explain the reason as to why the request couldn't be serviced
interface UpdateErc721ContractResponse {
    interactions: string[];


The interaction Ids returned from this endpoint can be used with Get Interaction Status to get the state of each interaction.

Object Interface

interface CreateUpdateNFTDraftContractNetworkInput {
    type?: NetworkType;
    environment?: NetworkEnvironment;
    chain?: NetworkChain;
    recoveryAddress?: string;
    collectionOwnerAddress?: string;
    customerPrimaryRoyaltyAddress?: string;

enum NetworkType {
    Ethereum = 'Ethereum',
    Polygon = 'Polygon'

enum NetworkEnvironment {
    Emulator = 'Emulator',
    Testnet = 'Testnet',
    Mainnet = 'Mainnet'

enum NetworkChain {
    EVMLocal = 'EVMLocal',
    Ethereum = 'Ethereum',
    Goerli = 'Goerli',
    Polygon = 'Polygon',
    Mumbai = 'Mumbai'


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