PUT: Transfer Token

Transfers a token owned by the contract to the address.

The id returned in the response can be used to check the status of the transfer (see Transfer Status)


Transfer Tokens

Initiates a token transfer from tokens owned by a contract



HM_ACCESS_KEYHyperMint Access Key
HM_ACCESS_KEY_SECRETHyperMint Access Key Secret


addressstringYvalid wallet address that the transfer should be initiated to
tokenIdnumberYThe Id of the token you wish to transfer
amountnumberNThe amount of token you would wish to transfer (ERC1155 only)


🟒 200: OKResponds with an interaction ID which can be used to check the status of the transaction
🟠 404: Not FoundThe token does not exist
🟠 404: Not FoundContract does not exist or you do not have permission
🟠 400: Bad RequestThe contract has been disabled by an administrator
🟠 400: Bad RequestThe contract has not been deployed
🟠 400: Bad RequestThe wallet address provided is not valid
🟠 400: Bad RequestInsufficient token balance
interface TransferResponse {
    id: string;


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