HyperMint can sustain the following throughput, measured in requests per second. Higher throughput can be achieved in coordination with the HyperMint team.

Contract Limits


  • For Testnet Contracts, the maximum number of tokens that can be created is 10k
  • For Mainnet Contracts, the maximum number of tokens that can be created is 500k

Throughput Limits

Request TypeContract TypeThroughput
Client SDK Get ContractERC721A, ERC115530,000 requests per second
Client SDK Get TokenERC721A, ERC115510,000 requests per second
Client SDK Authorise BuyERC721A2,500 requests per second
MoonPay Integration MintsERC721A, ERC11551,250 requests per second
API Mint RequestsERC721A, ERC11553,000 requests per second
API Get Mint StatusERC721A, ERC11552,000 requests per second
API Get Allocated MintsERC721A, ERC11551,000 requests per second

Mint Creation Throughput Limits

When mints are submitted through the API or through the MoonPay integration, they are queued and sent to the network. This process of sending from the queue to the network scales independently of the requests to the HyperMint platform.

NetworkContract TypeThroughput
EthereumERC721A15 mints per second
EthereumERC115515 mints per second
PolygonERC721A70 mints per second
PolygonERC115570 mints per second

If mints are delivered to HyperMint faster than this, they will be queued and processed in the order they are received.


HyperMint regularly tests our platform to see how well it scales under demand. We pay particular attention to the minting process as that receives the most load during viral moments. Every two weeks we test and review a full suite of simulated scenarios that cover our entire system. We're constantly improving our scalability and the numbers in this section are updated regularly.

HyperMint carries out scale testing across the same APIs that you and your end users use. We test on a full-scale replica of production and we use a blockchain testnet -never an emulator!- to maximize accuracy. We only test with large contracts with many tokens and many mints. Most of our scenarios are measured across a million requests, to a contract with a million mints. The slowest actions are measured across at least ten thousand requests.

Many of these requests represent requests to perform on-chain actions, like minting. We report the number of requests we can queue up for later processing each second. Actual on-chain actions tend to lag behind based on the performance of the chain.


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