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To understand how to choose between these two options, let's take a step back: What are smart contracts? Good question - smart contracts are essentially a piece of code that executes per certain conditions set and essentially enforces the terms and rules made.

In the case of NFTs, smart contracts will not only mint the NFTs you want to create, but also facilitate the selling of these NFTs to a buyer given X,Y,Z conditions are met. So by choosing the contract type, you are essentially defining what type of contract you would like to use for the conditions you'd like to set for creating your specific NFT Collection.

There are two smart contract standards we provide for creating NFTs:

  1. ERC-721: This standard is used for creating tokens that are all non-fungible. Non-fungible means that an item is one of a kind, completely unique, and can't be traded for another item of the exact same type. Examples of collections that use ERC-721 include Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and CryptoKitties. Under the hood, our contracts are ERC-721A, specifically. This means that your tokens must be minted sequentially and are heavily optimized to be as gas-efficient as possible.
  2. ERC-1155: This standard is used for creating tokens that can be fungible, semi-fungible, and/or non-fungible. This is a common choice for creating tokens with multiple copies, and minting many NFTs at scale. Example use cases include in-game items and pick-ups, NFT tickets, songs, proof of attendance, etc. If you would like to mint tokens non-sequentially, or provide the ability to mint specific tokens within your contract, ERC-1155 can support this.

To complete the Collection Basics section, you'll need to enter the following information:

  • Contract Image
  • Contract Name
  • Contract Description
  • External URL: optional but will link your NFT collection to your site and enable marketplaces to display the link on the collection page
  • Network - Polygon or Ethereum with more chain support being added all the time
  • Collection Owner and Recovery Wallet Addresses: you can enter your own EVM wallet addresses that will be displayed as the Owner of the contract on marketplaces and that has the ability to take action on the contract OR let Hyper

Once completed, you'll see the green checkmark for confirmation.

What’s Next

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