Minting logistics

After providing details about your contract, you will then determine the logistics of how you want your NFT collection to be minted.

The first step is to determine how you want to distribute to your users by selecting the Mint Method

  • Tokens can be claimed/purchased directly by users: choose this option when you are creating a sale or claim using MoonPay's claim widget
  • Tokens will be minted to users on request: choose this option for a more customized claim experience where you will be responsible for gathering a wallet address and using HyperMint's APIs to distribute

If you selected Tokens will be minted to users on request then the Mint Method section will be complete and you're ready for Token Management.

If you selected Tokens can be claimed/purchased directly by users then the next step is to complete your Sales Details

  • Accepted Currencies: choose to accept on-chain crypto payments and/or fiat payments via MoonPay's NFT Checkout
  • Public Sale: choose whether to allow an open public sale for the collection or to only use access lists and airdrops for distribution
    • If you choose Sell to the general public then you'll be asked to enter in the Start and End Date and Time for the Public Sale
  • Token Transfers: determines if a token is allowed to be transferred or traded on a marketplace or if it is locked to the user's wallet who it's minted to

Once completed, you'll see the green checkmark again and now you'll be ready to configure Token Management!

What’s Next

Continue your journey by setting up tokens in Token Management