Proceeds and Royalties

Before launching your collection, we need to determine if you'd like the proceeds from your Collection to be split amongst various stakeholders or not, and where to send these funds.

How do we split funds? Using splitter contracts!

If you want the proceeds to go to a single wallet address, it's as easy as entering one address for the Primary Sales Address. NOTE: make sure this address is compatible with the chain you're using


If you'd like the proceeds from your sold NFT Collection to be split amongst various stakeholders we use splitter contract. If As discussed in , splitter contracts allow proceeds received by the contract to be divided amongst a list of configured payees. A splitter contract can be used as a standalone contract and/or as a way to split the proceeds of one or more HyperMint NFT contracts.

Splitter contracts do not have metadata, hosting, minting, buying windows, or whitelists. Those are all specific to NFT contracts, and splitter contracts do not provide NFTs on their own.

Creating a splitter contract

A splitter contract must have 2-20 payees configured, and the total percentage must total 100.00%. Once deployed, a splitter contract's list of payees cannot be altered in any way. To change the payout distribution for future projects, create a new splitter contract. You can either create a splitter contract when creating a collection or attach a splitter contract that you may have created before.

Currently, both Ethereum and Polygon are fully supported.

Attaching a splitter contract to an NFT contract

Both contracts must be on the same chain. If the splitter contract is not yet deployed, you may attach it, but you will not be able to deploy the NFT contract until the splitter contract has been deployed.

The attached splitter will receive the primary sale proceeds from the NFT contract. Secondary sale royalties are also supported.

OpenSea royalty enforcement

Here you can enable or disable the ability to list the contract on marketplaces that don't enforce royalties using the Royalty Filter Registry

If you enable it, the contract will need to be permissioned to be listed on non-royalty enforcing marketplaces.

Secondary sales royalties

If any of your tokens are purchased from your collection and then resold, you can claim a percentage of the resale price as a royalty. The royalty funds will then be sent to the wallet(s) of your choosing.

After setting the percentage, you'll again have the option for a single wallet address or to use a splitter contract to split proceeds between multiple wallets.

Once completed, you're Collection Setup is complete and you're ready to deploy the collection!

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