Product Overview

HyperMint is an infrastructure platform and Web3 API that significantly simplifies the developer journey, specifically with regards to:

  • Designing and deploying smart contracts (ERC-721 and ERC-1155)
  • Managing deployed smart contracts
  • Creating and managing tokens
  • Minting tokens to end users
  • Selling tokens to end users
  • Routing funds and royalties

All of these actions can be triggered using our no-code HyperMint platform dashboard. HyperMint deals with scaling, blockchain interactions, gas fees, and everything else behind the scenes.

For developers wanting to build more customized experiences for their end-users, HyperMint also offers a Client SDK and a REST API.

Ready to get HyperMinted?

We've put together some helpful documentation for you to get started with HyperMint quickly.
Start by learning how to set up your dashboard and create your first collection!

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What’s Next

Get started with Collection Basics