Our swaps feature allows your customers to exchange one cryptocurrency for another, in a reliable, safe and compliant manner, directly within your website or application.

You can integrate our swaps product by easily embedding our fully featured web-based widget or by integrating our API-driven flow.

Try the swap widget flow in our sandbox environment


Here's why using Swap with MoonPay can be incredibly useful:

Ease of use: Our swap widget makes it easy for your customers to seamlessly exchange one cryptocurrency for another without having to navigate multiple platforms or exchanges. This is especially helpful for new users who might find the process of trading on an exchange to be complex.

Speed and efficiency: Our swap widget can allow for quick and efficient trades. Your customers don't need to sell their cryptocurrency for a fiat currency first and then use the fiat currency to purchase a different cryptocurrency.

Diverse portfolio: Our swap widget gives your customers the ability to diversify their portfolio quickly and easily. They can switch between cryptocurrencies to hedge against volatility or to capitalize on market trends.

Reduced fees: Swapping cryptocurrencies directly will reduce the fees associated with multiple transactions. When your customers have to sell a cryptocurrency to buy another, they may incur a fee for each transaction.

Integration: Our swap widget can be integrated directly into your website or application, improving your customers experience and increasing retention.

Supported currencies and regions

Review the following to see our supported currencies and regions for swap:

Supported cryptocurrencies

Unsupported regions

Get started

  1. Get your MoonPay account and API keys by signing up to the MoonPay Dashboard.
  2. Once you've gained access to the MoonPay Dashboard your API keys will be made available in the developers tab of the dashboard and you can start using the Sandbox environment.

If you have any questions, reach out to [email protected]