MoonPay Swap is a self-contained web-based widget featuring an optional API and webhooks to enrich the user experience. Utilize our web and mobile SDKs to effortlessly embed the widget into your website or application.

Components for swap integrations

Web SDKsParameters to pre-fill currencies, amount, etc.
Includes communication layer between partner apps and the MoonPay widget
Mobile SDKsSDKs for iOS and Android apps
MoonPay APIGet swap pairs
Get swap quote
Show transaction history
WebhooksGet transaction updates
Legacy integrationAn alternative to using our SDKs
Generate MoonPay widget links to show the widget in an iframe

This diagram shows a basic swap flow and the components of the integration. We recommend using our API and webhooks to provide helpful context in your app, including available swap pairs, quotes, and transaction history.

High-level diagram