Testing credit cards

πŸ’³ Test mode cards for all your development needs

Test cards should be used in sandbox mode only. Genuine card information should not be used in our sandbox environment.


Suspicious activity

Using test cards in production may result in your account getting blocked due to suspicious activity.

Test card numbers

Test cards for successful transactions (UK Registered Address is Required)

Card typeCard numberExpirationCVC code
Visa - 3DS Frictionless4485 0403 7153 658412/2030123
Visa - 3DS Challenge4242 4242 4242 424212/2030123


Card Being Declined?

MoonPay's test payment acquirer changed on the 8th Dec 2023. If you test with cards ending 5032 or 0961 non-3DS transactions should still work. But 3DS transactions will likely get declined. To fix this, please swap to using a card listed above.

Test card for declined transactions

Card typeCard numberExpirationCVC code
Visa - Insufficient Funds4544 2491 6767 367012/2030123