Integrating with Reservoir Flow

This guide will walk you through the process of integrating with Reservoir Flow.

Step 1: Ensure you meet our product pre-requisites

  • The NFTs have a USD value of between $3 & $15,000.
  • Your NFTs are live on one of the supported chains (see the table here
  • Your NFTs are priced in the native token (eg. eth or matic), or USDC on Arbitrum.
  • Your smart contract is supported by


Blur Listings

Important Blur currently has a small number of restrictions in place. Smart contracts wallets / routers/ relayers cannot sign in, fill orders, or create orders. For this reason we are unable to support blur listings.


Buyer address

Important In each transaction, the buyer of the NFT will be our Proxy Smart contract. The NFT is then delivered to the buyer customer as a separate step. The whole process is done in a single atomic transaction.

Generating the Widget

To generate the widget for Reservoir Flow, you'll need to follow the process outlined in our documentation. In addition to the parameters mentioned there, you'll need to include the following URL parameters:

  • tokenId: A unique identifier for the NFT.
  • contractAddress: The address of the smart contract that manages the NFT.
  • listingId: The order ID that Reservoir uses to fetch the order to be executed. (Details on how the orderId is created)
  • metadata: A JSON string that contains additional information about the NFT. It should be structured as follows: JSON.stringify({"subFlow": "ReservoirDirect", "network": "<network of your NFT, eg. Arbitrum>"}). We're working on simplifying this in future SDK updates. For the network name always use the name of the mainnet. We will determine whether to use testnet or mainnet based on the environment used (production vs sandbox widget).

Integration Success

Once you've correctly set these parameters, you've successfully integrated with Reservoir Flow. Your users can now purchase NFTs using a credit card through the widget.


If you have additional questions on our Reservoir Flow see our NFT Checkout FAQ.