Swap parameters

πŸ”§ Swap widget configuration

The following parameters can be used to customize the user journey in the widget.

apiKey requiredYour publishable API key. This is used to assign customers and transactions to your MoonPay account.
amount requiredThe amount the customer wishes to swap - in fiat. You can get this amount by multiplying the amounts you get back from the Swap quote endpoint: baseCurrencyPriceInUsd * baseCurrencyAmount.
amountCurrencyCode requiredThe fiat currency code of the amount parameter, usually usd.
externalCustomerIdAn identifier you would like to associate with the customer. This identifier will be present whenever we pass you customer data, allowing you to match our data with your own existing customer data.
themeEnable dark mode or light mode as the default appearance for the widget. Possible values are dark, light.
themeIdID of the theme created for your application or website. See Themes page.