GET: Contract Information

Returns contract information which can be used to track the status or populate storefronts. The contract id for a contract can be found on the UI.

Gets Contract Information

Requires authentication for draft or deploying contracts. Allows unauthenticated access for contracts that have been fully deployed, but only reveals information that is publicly available on the blockchain. This can be used to power storefronts, particularly through the HyperMint Client SDK.



HM_ACCESS_KEYHyperMint Access Key
HM_ACCESS_KEY_SECRETHyperMint Access Key Secret


🟒 200: OKReturns contract information which can be used to track the status or populate storefronts
🟠 404: Not FoundUnable to find details for the give contract ID
interface ContractResponse{
    id: string;
    name: string;
    symbol: string;
    status: NFTContractStatus;
    allowBuyOnNetwork: boolean;
    network: {
        type: NetworkType;
        environment: NetworkEnvironment;
        chain?: NetworkChain;
        contractAddress?: string;
        contractType: NFTContractType;
        customerAddress: string;
        useManagedAccessList: boolean;
    metadata: {
        type: NFTContractMetadataType;
        contractUrl?: string;
        tokenUrl?: string;
    publicSaleAt?: Date;
    saleClosesAt?: Date;
    erc721Price?: number;
    erc721MaxPerTransaction?: number;
    enableOpenSeaOperatorFilterRegistry: boolean;

enum NFTContractStatus {
    Draft = 'Draft',
    Deploying = 'Deploying',
    Deployed = 'Deployed'

enum NetworkType {
    Ethereum = 'Ethereum',
    Polygon = 'Polygon',
    Solana = 'Solana'

enum NetworkEnvironment {
    Emulator = 'Emulator',
    Testnet = 'Testnet',
    Mainnet = 'Mainnet'

enum NetworkChain {
    EVMLocal = 0,
    Ethereum = 1,
    Ropsten = 3,
    Rinkeby = 4,
    Polygon = 137,
    Mumbai = 80001

enum NFTContractType {
    ERC721 = 'ERC721',
    ERC1155 = 'ERC1155'

enum NFTContractMetadataType {
    None = 'None',
    Hosted = 'Hosted',
    Url = 'Url'


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