Product Overview

πŸ‘‹ GM,

MoonPay Checkout is the markets leading solution for brands, creators, projects and marketplaces that want to create frictionless payments experiences for NFTs. With MoonPay Checkout, users can purchase NFTs across 41 blockchains using just a debit or credit card. To date, we've successfully processed $65m of volume with partners like OpenSea, Magic Eden, Ethereum Name Service, Nifty's and the NHL. Our solution can be effortlessly integrated through SDK, allowing the entire purchase and KYC experience to happen with a beautiful them-able iFrame.

Product Features

  • Purchase NFTs up too $15,000
  • Theme our iFrame to your design standards
  • Non-Custodial wallet creation for new users.
  • Supports Debit Cards, Credit Cards, American Express & Open Banking.
  • Zero Web3 Jargon, hide confusing words such as 'gas fees' or 'wallets'
  • Subsidise gas fees for buyers
  • Super simple onboarding and frictionless KYC process
  • Industry leading Card Approval Rates and Customer Success Rates
  • Let users pay in over 35 Fiat Currencies
  • Available in 160 Countries
  • Allows minting of multiple ERC1155s and ERC721s
  • MoonPay is responsible for all Fraud and Chargebacks
  • Boost revenues by charging affiliate fees
  • Google & Apple SSO for easy account creation
  • Product analytics via our dashboard
  • Support for 41 blockchains (not all blockchains are available too all partners)

Our Integration Options

With over seventy five different brands, marketplaces and partners having used MoonPay Checkout, we've learnt different partners have different requirements. As a result, we've built out a number different options to choose from.

  1. Hosted Checkout: Want to start selling NFTs without writing a single line of code? This option is for you. In just a few minutes you can deploy a smart contract, give your NFT a name, upload an image, add a price and start selling. We'll even provide you with a simple storefront, so you don't even need a website.
  2. Reservoir: Is your smart contract supported by Reservoir? If so, then this option is definitely the best for you. Read more about how to get started with this option here.
  3. Contract Import: Are you doing a primary drop on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Avalanche or Arbitrum? This option is probably for you. Simply import your smart contract details into our MoonPay Dashboard to generate an iFrame URL which you can embed on your drop site. Read more about the pre-requisites to getting started here.
  4. Partner Driven: Want to control the way your smart contract is called by providing the callData to execute an on-chain transaction? This option is probably for you. Read more about how to get started with this option here. Please note, this option is only available for Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche and Optimism networks
  5. NFT Lite: Are you doing a primary drop / sale on a network not supported by Contract Import? If so, then NFT Lite is likely the best option for you. MoonPay handles everything relating to payments, kyc and fraud but leaves you responsible for NFT delivery. Read more about NFT Lite here


Supported tokens

For the time being Reservoir, Contract import and PartnerDriven options support the following

  • Ethereum: ETH
  • Polygon: MATIC
  • Optimism: ETH
  • Avalanche: AVAX
  • Arbitrum: ETH, USDC

What’s Next