Splitter contract


constructor(address[] memory _payees, uint256[] memory _shares)
        PaymentSplitter(_payees, _shares)
0_payeesList of Payees
1_sharesList of shares for each Payee



πŸ› Function can modify state
πŸ’΅Function is payable
Publicpublic functions can be called internally from within the contract or externally via messages
ExternalExternal functions are part of the contract interface, which means they can be called from other contracts and via transactions. An external function f cannot be called internally (i.e. f() does not work, but this.f() works)


Function NameVisibilityMutabilityDescription
totalPayeesPublic-Returns the total number of payees
isPayeePublic-Returns true if a supplied address is a payee
addPayeePublicπŸ› Adds a single address with a share to the payee list
addPayeesPublicπŸ› Adds a list of addresses, each with a share, to the payee list
releaseAllPublicπŸ› Releases all ETH in the contract to the payees
releaseAllPublicπŸ› Releases all ERC-20 tokens in the contract to the payees



Want to see an example of how the math works out for a Splitter contract? See the Distributing Proceeds Example


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