The HyperMint platform uses many different wallets to manage ownership of the contract, wallet to launch your NFT Collection and a wallet for where funds should be sent.

The following is a brief description of each wallet type required to provide and how it is used.

Primary Sales Address

Please note that this wallet is defined on a per smart contract basis so you will need to set it each time you create a different contract. The premise of this wallet will be to receive funds when a user buys an NFT from your collection.

Recovery Address and Collection Owner Address

Recovery Address

This wallet address is for recovering funds from the NFT Collection proceeds in the case that you are no longer using HyperMint for contract management.

Collection Owner Wallet Address

This wallet is used to deploy your collection and will approve pre-sale purchases. More information on how this is used can be found here.


We recommend this wallet be different from the Primary Sale Wallet as it will be accessible by your servers

Last but not least, there are few more mandatory details to add to your smart contract before we launch! See Launch Your Collection for final next steps.


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