PATCH: Deploy Contract

Allows a user to deploy a draft contract via API.

Deploy Contract

This function will deploy a previously created Draft HyperMint contract. This requires Authentication.



HM_ACCESS_KEYHyperMint Access Key
HM_ACCESS_KEY_SECRETHyperMint Access Key Secret


🟒 200: OKResponds with an interaction ID which can be used to check the status of the transaction
🟠 404: Not FoundUnable to find details for the give contract ID
interface DeployContractResponse {
    interactions: InteractionStatusResponse[];

interface InteractionStatusResponse {
    id: string;
    type: NFTContractInteractionType;
    status: NetworkInteractionStatus;
    statusReason?: string;
    transactionHash?: string;
    sentAt?: Date;
    update: NFTContractUpdate;

You can use the Get Interaction endpoint to check the status of these interactions and confirm when the contract has finished deploying if need be.


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