What can I do with HyperMint?

With HyperMint, you can design, configure and deploy smart contracts at scale. HyperMint provides a standard smart contract library for common use cases, but you can use your own existing smart contracts too.

Once deployed, HyperMint allows you to execute calls on these smart contracts over our REST API, where we take care of the heavy lifting.

HyperMint provides a basket of modular Core Features such as allow lists, royalty management, fund splitting contracts, snapshots, token gating, and more. These can be optionally added to any contract to build out your dream Web 3 experience.

How is HyperMint different from current tooling?

HyperMint manages blockchain interactions on your behalf; we talk to the blockchain so you don't have to. This is the core of the platform approach to Web3. Gas fees, nonce management, sequencing and finality are handled by HyperMint's platform, allowing you to focus on building the best products and customer experiences.

HyperMint was founded by a team internal to MoonPay. During our time building payments products for the likes of OpenSea, MetaMask, Phantom, and Trust Wallet, we learned just how difficult it is to build compliant, scalable and effective Web3 experiences. As a MoonPay company, HyperMint helps you take end-to-end ownership of the Web3 journey: NFT Card payments, regulatory compliance, and taxation are all embedded into our products.


What Blockchains does HyperMint support?

HyperMint currently supports Ethereum and Polygon with more chain support coming soon.

Smart Contracts

What are the HyperMint contracts?

Our contracts are modern and highly optimized for scale. We incorporate and stay on top of the latest standards and community proposals, so you don't have to. You can read more about HyperMint's contract library here.

How can I deploy my first contract?

HyperMint allows you to create and deploy smart contracts from HyperMint's contract library through the HyperMint Dashboard.

If you'd like to import an existing contract, we currently manually can enable this on your account. We'll work with you to ensure it's compliant with HyperMint's platform standard.


How can I create NFTs?

Once you've deployed a smart contract, you can either have an end user mint a token themselves, or you can mint it on their behalf.

These two methods are known as Mint with Crypto and Mint to Wallet:

  • Mint With Crypto: An end user mints a token using an existing wallet containing a crypto balance.
  • Mint To Wallet: You use HyperMint's API to trigger a mint to an end user.

Payment Methods

How can I accept fiat payment methods?

HyperMint is integrated with MoonPay's NFT Checkout which allows HyperMint to provide an additional minting method: Mint With Fiat.

  • Mint With Fiat: This is Mint To Wallet with MoonPay's NFT Checkout: An end user mints a token to themselves through MoonPay NFT Checkout.

What’s Next