ERC-1155 contract


        string memory _name,
        string memory _symbol,
        string memory _contractMetadataURI,
        string memory _tokenMetadataURI,
        bool _allowBuy,
        Addresses memory _addresses
) ERC1155('') {...}
0__nameToken Name
1__symbolToken Symbol
2_contractMetadataURIContract Metadata URI
3_allowBuyToggle for API Mints
4_addresses- customer address
- collection owner address
- authorization address
- purchase token address (if purchasing with ERC-20 token)
- manager (HyperMint) primary royalty address
- customer primary royalty address
- secondary royalty address



πŸ› Function can modify state
πŸ’΅Function is payable
Publicpublic functions can be called internally from within the contract or externally via messages
ExternalExternal functions are part of the contract interface, which means they can be called from other contracts and via transactions. An external function f cannot be called internally (i.e. f() does not work, but this.f() works)


Function NameVisibilityMutabilityDescription
getTokenInfoExternal-Returns the current price, supply and max supply of the token
totalSupplyPublic-Returns the total supply for a specific tokenId
royaltyInfoExternal-Returns the royalty receiver and amount for each secondary sale
supportsInterfacePublic-Returns true if this contract implements the interface defined by interfaceId
setNameAndSymbolExternalπŸ› Modifies the token name and/or token symbol
setMetadataURIsExternalπŸ› Modifies the URIs for the contract and token
setDatesExternalπŸ› Modifies public sale start and end dates
setTokenDataExternalπŸ› Modifies token price, max supply and max amount of tokens can be purchased per transaction
setAddressesExternalπŸ› Modifies addresses
setAllowBuyExternalπŸ› Toggles buy on/off
setRoyaltyExternalπŸ› Modifies primary royalty for minting and/or secondary royalty
mintBatchExternalπŸ› Performs a batch mint of x tokens to y addresses
buyAuthorisedExternalπŸ’΅Buys X amount of tokens in private sale
buyExternalπŸ’΅Buys X amount of tokens in public sale
_buyExternalπŸ› - Processes a buy of X tokens for a total price Y
- Immediately sweeps proceeds from the contract
- Mints X tokens to the buyer
transferContractOwnershipExternalπŸ› Transfers ownership of the Contract Manager role



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