Learn about the MoonPay fiat-to-crypto gateway

MoonPay is the leading ramps provider in the space and continues to be the most popular gateway for crypto and NFT applications across the world. With the MoonPay fiat-to-crypto onramp users can seamlessly purchase cryptocurrencies directly from your website or web3 application.

Secure Crypto Transactions: Our system supports 100+ cryptocurrencies and as the merchant of record MoonPay assumes full responsibility for all fraud disputes and chargebacks. All customers are required to pass MoonPay’s established Know Your Customer (KYC) and risk management procedures along with all applicable laws and regulations.

Optimal conversion rates: Millions of users have previously purchased cryptocurrencies using MoonPay, having stored their payment and KYC details, leading to maximized conversion rates.

Diverse payment methods: MoonPay accommodates a vast spectrum of payment methods for purchase and sale transactions: credit and debit cards, EUR, GBP, USD bank transfers, as well as Apple & Google Pay, ensuring users can transact according to their preference.

Get Started:

  1. To create your MoonPay account and get access to API keys, submit an application here.
  2. After submitting your application you can start playing around in our sandbox environment.
  3. Once you've gained access to the MoonPay dashboard your API keys will be made available in the developers tab of the dashboard.

If you have any questions you may reach out to [email protected]